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Temporary high-pressure fire water system of fire pump should be used with a case,or ues a case ,standby fire pump work ability should not be less than the largest a working fire pump. When to use a case should be considered more fire pump in parallel,the superposition of traffic impact on fire pump outlet pressure. Read More >>
Published:2016/1/23 13:55:52
(a) To determine the direction on of rotation of the motor in front of the pump connection is correct, the rotation of the pump is flexible (or check after filled with water in the pump motor,it is strictly prohibited to pump in anhydrous idling) (b) Closed out gate valve in the line (c) To the filling of water in the pump, or use the cacuum pump water diversion Read More >>
Published:2016/1/23 13:57:55
Flow of main parameters are: water pump, with Q, said unit is the M3 / H, L/S. Head, with H said, the unit is M. The fresh water pump, it is necessary NPSH (M) parameters is very important, especially when used in suction type water supply equipment. For submersible pump, rated current (A) parameters is very important, especially when used in frequency conversion water supply equipment. Main parameters of the motor: the motor power (KW), speed (r/min), rated voltage (V), rated current (A). Read More >>
Published:2016/1/23 14:00:32
Self priming centrifugal pump working principle is: the water pump start before the pump shell filled with water (or pump shell has its own water). After the start of the high-speed rotation of the impeller the impeller in the water trough road to the vortex shell, then the entrance to form a vacuum, to open the door check water, inhalation of air into the tube pump, and the impeller channel to reach the outer edge. Read More >>
Published:2016/1/23 14:02:22
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